Redwood Grove Tips & Tricks (and parking)

The Redwood grove at Carbon Canyon is in the back end of the actual park, but there is an entrance from the neighborhood end that will take you straight there. The closest one is on Valley View Cir and Red Pine Rd (option 1) and the second is near Valley View Cir and Iron Bark Way (option 2). If you arrive after I do, walk down the path and meet me at the star location. 

I used to say the path is stroller friendly, but due to all the recent rainstorms we had this year, the hill coming down isn't the easiest to accomplish on foot so packing less is key.

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Rules for Carbon Canyon

I don't recommend bringing a blanket to sit on unless you plan on disposing of it afterwards. The dried leaves from the trees stick to blankets and are a pain to remove. Props are okay, just let me know if you are bringing any so I can plan around it. 

From the website:

  • The use of fireworks, pyrotechnics or special effect devices is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
  • - Smoke Bombs/Grenades. These create potential fire hazard.
  • - Confetti Cannons. It can be harmful to wildlife.
  • - Sparklers
  • - Handheld Torches

Thank you and see you soon!